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1. Go inside the mansion. Examine and take the coat off the floor to get the map.
2. Go upstairs, then into the leftermost room, then into the dark room.
3. Take the candle. Use it in your inventory.
4. Go to the main gate by using the return button in your inventory at the courtyard.
5. Now enter the backyard through the tree shadows at the courtyard. Proceed to the cemetery.
6. Examine the brick wall and return into the house.
7. Go into the dining room, which is the left door in the first floor hall.
8. Use your candle in the inventory. Examine and interact with the girl to receive a key.
9. Open the trophy room with the key. Trophy room is opposite to dining room in the main hall. Enter.
10. Examine the fireplace.
11. Go to the courtyard. Examine the demon statue and take the pitchfork off it. Use the pitchfork to get the key off the flames.
12. Use the key to open the bedroom door in the piano room. Examine the window.
13. Go into the rightmost room in the second floor hall. Take the pickaxe.
14. Use the pickaxe to go through the bedroom wall.
15. Examine the mirror and take the hanger.
16. Use the hanger to pick the attic lock in the second floor hall. Examine and take the gate key off the nail.
17. (Read the book about exorcism.) Go into the trophy room and then into the newly-found wine cellar. Read the papers on the floor.
18. Examine the fireplace.
19. (Go into the dining room and take the chalice.) Go into the kitchen and take the bucket.
20. Fill the bucket with water at the backyard. Extinguish the fireplace with it to receive the mirror shard. (Fill the chalice with wine in the cellar. Put some salt into the chalice in the kitchen.)
21. Go into the second floor hall. Trap the ghost within the mirror shard. (Enter the rightmost room. Trap the voodoo spirit by using the chalice in your inventory.)
22. Use the ghost's scimitar on the iron maiden in the cellar. Enter the secret room. Take the mirror shard.
23. Go into the bedroom. Trap the ghost within the new mirror shard.
24. Enter the mirror room. Put the mirror shards into the frame. Interact with the reassembled mirror.
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