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SPECULUM MORTIS: REGRET (pronounced 'SPEC-cool-loom MORE-tiss'—Latin for mirror of death) is Happo's first released game.

In a nutshell, Speculum Mortis is a horror-themed first-person point-and-click adventure.

Speculum Mortis is presented mostly in grayscale to illustrate the darkness and predominant psychological horror atmosphere.

The game is set in a Victorian age residence abandoned a long time ago — or so it of course seems at first glance.

W H A T ' S   T H I S   " R E G R E T "   T H I N G ?

Speculum Mortis: Regret v1.06 is an update major enough to have a name of its own.

It fixes a great number of issues that players (and even we) found annoying, and also adds an arsenal of extra stuff into the game.

Regret is not a wannabe expansion pack, nor a desperate attempt to give the game a new wave of popularity.

Instead, Speculum Mortis: Regret is what the original Speculum Mortis should've been, and a little more.

Check the Readme.txt to know better!


The game received quite an acclaim on the official Game Maker Community, the independent Finnish site Game Maker Suomi, and on various other sites, according to Mr. Search Engines (although one can be confused finding out that Speculum Mortis is also an Italian black metal band—you're just as surprised as we were).

Speculum Mortis has been acclaimed on the official Game Maker Community as well as on the earlier iteration of the Finnish forum, Game Maker Suomi. On the latter forums, the game was chosen as one of the Chosen Games, and was also awarded the title The Best Game of the Year 2007.

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On January 8, 2007, FS told to SP about his idea to create a point-and-click horror adventure game—thus the two began work on Speculum Mortis as a non-serious project with a deadline of thirty minutes. After FS and SP had spent some two hours on the first two rooms of the game, they decided to promote the game into a full-scale project, beginning to spend more and more time on it.

The game was originally planned to be released on Halloween, but due to insufficient planning and piled-up to-do things in programming, Speculum Mortis v1.0 didn't see daylight until November 11.

It is possible to spot 10 instances of the word Happo hidden in the backgrounds throughout the game.


D O W N L O A D   F O R   F R E E

version 1.06, Readme.txt included
filesize 2.8 MB zipped, 3.8 MB unzipped
requires Windows XP or newer to run

O N L I N E  W A L K T H R O U G H

Speculum Mortis v0.1
Speculum Mortis v0.1
Butler & the Whitfords
Butler & the Whitfords
Speculum Mortis v0.1
"Happy Halloween!"
  — Jack O. Lantern


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