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December 19, 2014

You can go fuck yourself.

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Happo (pronounced HUP-poh, Finnish for 'acid') is a two-man independent game development studio based in Finland. Thus far, Happo has released only one game, the point-and-click horror adventure Speculum Mortis, which was met with mostly positive reviews.

Happo has been developing games using the Game Maker software for more than a decade, but is currently in the process of switching to SDL-powered, C++-written in-house game engine for the sake of multi-platform support and better control over functionality.

Happo is being operated by two people, Frans Saukko and Samu Peltola.

A computer science student at university, FS handles the programming and the technical side in general. He also composes the music, creates the majority of sound effects, and acts as the webmaster.

A media assistant by profession and a freelance graphics artist, SP is responsible for game graphics and all the other art. He also contributes to creating sound effects.

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To give us feedback on our thus far released games, to inquire about our upcoming ones, or to possibly contact us with something else in mind, please visit our guestbook.

Should you like to contact us in a more private manner, please send us e-mail at happocontact@gmail.com.

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