This page is intended to showcase development material from the upcoming game Dead for Life: Ultimo Hombre.

Below are some samples of visual material already produced for the game project:

Study on main character running animation, work in progress.
Grave animation experiment.
(Click to open in full size.) Visual style mockup.
(Click to open in full size.) Grave resurrection concept.
(Click to open in full size.) Visualization of resurrected corpse transformations.

(Click to open in full size.)

Demonstrational pictures of pixel shader effects, programmed by Frans Saukko, from an earlier game project by Saukko & Peltola:

(left)base game view
(middle)light & shadow layer
(right)final result displayed to the player

(Click to open in full size.)

More pixel shader demonstration…

(Click to open in full size.)

…and more.

All the visual material above is original work of Samu Peltola and may not be used without permission, unless in the context of clearly referring to this particular game project in development. The material is work in progress and thus does not represent the intended quality of the finished product.

Feel free to inquire more from the developers behind the project via email:

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